1st place in the AK Tirol apprentice competition

We would like to congratulate Franz-Josef on his 1st place in the AK Tirol apprentice competition for the apprenticeship profession cook! Once again this success proves the future as well as the importance of a profession that has been learned professionally! "Career with apprenticeship" is therefore not a cheap slogan it is based on realistic facts! We hope that our Franz-Josef serves here many young humans as inspiration, who decide also for a training occupation as further education way!

The possibilities, which a learned occupation offers, no matter in which field, are unlimited and open in the truest sense  of the frase the "gate to the world"! In this sense, we hope that we can count Franz-Josef among our team for a little longer and would also like to express a word of thanks and praise to his trainer and our chef Walter Stippler, who also contributes to this success! The family Irmgard & Andreas Hundsbichler with the Edenlehen Team

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