720 times Eden fiefdom at a table

Last week we invited to a special coffee party on the occasion of the guest honour of the holiday region Mayrhofen / Hippach in the Zillertal! We had the great honour of honouring many of our most loyal regular guests for their unconditional commitment to the Edenlehen!

We had the pleasure to honour Mr. Lothar Döbler for 10 visits to Edenlehen, family Christa & Detlef Schriever as well as Mrs. Marie-Claire Muno for 15 visits to Edenlehen, family Ursula & Rudolf Menges as well as family Maggy De Kock & Dirk Van Goethem for 20 visits to Edenlehen, family Karin, Dieter & Andre Finn, Elfriede & Andreas Binder and Aleida & Marinus Heijboer for 25 times Edenlehen, Andreas Loser & Ralf Dresbach and Ingrid & Udo Assink for 30 times Edenlehen!

We were almost speechless when Mr Herwig Strasser was honoured for 60 and 64 visits to Edenlehen and consequently made a guest citizen. This was only surpassed by Hilde & Horst Lintzmeyer, who have spent an unbelievable 115 holidays in Edenlehen and were also made guest citizens. We are no longer welcoming guests in our house but a part of our family, which makes us extremely grateful and fills us with humility! We therefore hope for many more hours together in this temporary paradise in the Zillertal! The family Andreas & Irmgard Hundsbichler and family & the Edenlehen Team

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