The Zillertaler Musician's Sausage

As part of the presentation of the newly created "Zillertaler Musikanten Wurst" (Zillertal Musicians' Sausage) from the Edenlehen farm, our house and farm butcher and inventor of the "Zillertaler Musikanten Wurst" (Zillertaler Musicians' Sausage) Erwin Stippler, who always provides musical delicacies with his "Zillertaler Heimatklang Duo", was joined by other musical greats from the Zillertal at the Edenlehen farm shop!

First and foremost, Erwin Aschenwald (Mayrhofner), Martin Brugger (Ursprung Buam), Alfred Eberharter (Schürzenjäger), Konrad Niederkofler (Zillertaler Edelweiss Duo) and Martin Pecar (former Local Sound) played up!

The "Zillertaler Musikanten Wurst" (Zillertal Musicians' Sausage) found its origin on many musical journeys of our butcher Erwin Stippler. Finding a tasty snack at rest stops can sometimes be a challenge. All the more reason to long for local, quality products that can also be taken along for refreshment on journeys.

Consisting of our farm-raised beef, lean pork and selected spices, combined with a special maturing process, this sausage with such a sounding name promises delicacies for all music lovers and consumers!

The "Zillertaler Musikanten Wurst" is one of many award-winning sausage and meat products created by Erwin Stippler especially for the needs of the Hof-Metzgerei Edenlehen and the Hofladen Edenlehen!

From now on the "Zillertaler Musikanten Wurst" is available in the Edenlehen farm shop, which not only tastes very good but also sounds like it!

- All persons present were tested negatively for SARS-COV-2 beforehand -

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