Then and Now


Looking at old postcards and photos of the Edenlehen's early days, you could almost become a little nostalgic. Hardly surprising - in the 1950s there was just a small farm here that fed and accommodated a large family, and sometimes a few travellers stayed overnight as guests too. This was something quite unusual at the time.

The Edenlehen slowly developed from this into bed and breakfast accommodation and later into a 3-star hotel guesthouse. Further expansion took place in 2000. Finally the hotel guesthouse became a 4-star hotel.

Further redevelopment followed in 2008 with the completion of a spa area with indoor and outdoor pools, gym and 11 top category accommodation units. Renovation work and modifications were made to the farmhouse in 1989, 2004 and 2007.

Hotel Chapel

A place has even been found for the hotel's own chapel in the Eden Garden - which offers a wonderful setting, not only for our annual carol singing, but also as a place of retreat for reflection in a fast-moving world.

Edenlehen - In Memoriam

Special Anniversary Magazine

The Edenlehen Review 2020


Life has many changes in store, but one thing will remain for certain: "The love of the land and its people!"