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Bizarre peaks, steep climbs ...

and fantastic views - there's something for everyone.
The via ferrata through Gerlossteinwand is not for the faint hearted.

The impressive climb includes partially overhanging and extremely exposed sections, making good condition and a head for heights preconditions for success. The via ferrata is excellently signed. There are two key places and some vertical rock faces during the climb that require a element of courage and strength.

It also includes several crossings and three resting places, some of which offer space for several people - a perfect solution for less athletic climbers.

Via Ferrata

Climbs at Zimmereben and Huterlander

With a D/C level of difficulty and varied climbing terrain, you can expect vertical and overhanging sections, iron stirrups with cable and a steel ropeway - just 10-minutes walk from our Hotel.

Family via ferrata at Zimmereben - Difficulty level A-B


Companies and Mountain Guides

Those who don't want to go it alone can opt for a mountain guide.
Here are a few companies: