Relaxation & Wellbeing

Massage treatments at the Hotel Edenlehen

Tense muscles after a hard day's walking or skiing? Professional sports therapy massage provided by Andreas Eder and his team can provide relief! They will help you forget the strains of everyday life and to rediscover harmony between body and soul.

Let us know in time: Please make your massage appointment at reception by 18.00 hrs on the day before at the latest!

"Our massage offer is exclusively for guests of the Hotel & Apartment Edenlehen!
We ask for your understanding that external visitors cannot book a treatment here!"


Classic Body Treatments

Massage Time Price
Partial massage 25 min. € 40,-
Fully body massage 50 min. € 65,-
Sports massage 30 min. € 45,-
Combi-massge 50 min. € 70,-
Intensive back treatment 60 min. € 75,-
Foot-reflex massage large 55 min. € 70,-
Foot-reflex massage small 30 min. € 45,-
Lymph drainage large 55 min. € 70,-
Lymph drainage small 30 min. € 45,-

Wellness Massage

Massages Time Price
Wellness massage with special oils 55 min. € 70,-
Fully body scrub 25 min. € 40,-
Aromatherapy massage large 50 min. € 65,-
Aromatherapy massage small 25 min. € 45,-
Brush massage 25 min. € 40,-
Ear candle treatment 25 min. € 35,-
Ear candle treatment with facial lymph drainage 45 min. € 60,-
Children Oil Massage 20 min. € 28,-
Hot Chocolate 20 min. € 36,-
Children Foot Reflex Massage 20 min. € 26,-

For everyone - the right massage

Different massage techniques

Classic Massage

A basic service for body and soul; traditional massage involves kneading, pounding and using friction on the muscles through special hand techniques. The muscles are loosened and relaxed, producing a noticeable improvement in the blood flow to the skin and muscles.

Brush Massage

Brushing the skin improves the blood flow to the skin and muscles. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. At the same time, it removes flaky skin, tones connective tissue and cleanses the skin.


Intensive Back Treatment

Partial massage relaxes the back muscles and stimulates blood flow.
In order to reach the deeper layers of muscle, a heat pack is applied and then another partial massage is given.

Ear Candle Treatment

The treatment from Indian medicine is effectively used to clean and harmonise the "aura" energy fields. Ear candle treatment induces relaxation and well-being and helps nervousness and stress. TIP: subsequent lymph drainage produces a deeper level of relaxation and faster draining of toxins and impurities.

Sports Therapy

Following operations, injuries, … Please inquire


Lymph Drainage

The lymphatic system's job is to protect our immune system. The purpose of lymph drainage is to stimulate the body's lymphatic system. Gentle circular movements during lymph draining remove lymph cells and activate the lymph nodes.

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils are an elixir for body, mind and soul. They reduce mental and psychological imbalances in people. There is a close relationship between aroma massage and therapy. The essential oil passes through the skin and its fragrance has a certain psychological effect.